About the REKEN Band


The REKEN Band was developed by my brother and I while looking for a simple and convenient way to keep track of sets during long and intense workouts.  Over the years, our workouts have increased in complexity from the standard 3 sets of 10 to high-volume, multi-round workouts incorporating exercises ranging from weightlifting to tire flips and gymnastics.  As the workouts progressed, the simple act of counting became difficult.  Keeping an accurate count while fighting tunnel vision in the 8th round of a 10 round workout was a legitimate challenge.  We began using whiteboards and poker chips to help keep track and allow us to focus on the movements.  These methods proved to be very useful but lacked the convenience that we wanted.  With no better options available, we decided to design the product we were looking for.  Our solution is the REKEN Band.

-Andrew and Bob Peterson